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ARKADIA, Psophis

450-30 BCE

AR obol, 10 mm, 0.69 gm

Obv:  forepart of Kerynitian hind right

Rev:  fish right, O above, archaic psi below, all within circle incuse

Ref:  BCD Peloponnesos 1680 (same dies).  Rare.

ex Frank James Collection

ex CNG

ex BCD Collection 

The Third Labor of Herakles:  capture the Kerynitian hind


The Kerynitian hind was no ordinary female red deer.  This golden-horned, bronze-hoofed hind was the sacred pet of Artemis; Herakles couldn't kill or harm the animal during lest he anger her.  Capturing this fleet animal was not easy.  


Herakles chased the hind for a whole year.  Out of desperation he shot the deer as it was about to get away again.  As he rushed the injured deer to King Eurystheus he came across Artemis.  Upon hearing his woeful story of the required twelve labors she took pity on him, healed the deer, and Herakles brought the unharmed deer to Mycenae.

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