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EGYPT, Alexandria. Diocletian
year 11, CE 294/5
tetradrachm, 19 mm, 7.6 gm
Obv:  ΔIOKΛHTIANOCCEB; laureate head right
Rev:  Draped bust of Selene right, crescent before; L IA behind
Ref:  Emmett 4080.11, R5

Translation of legend abbreviations:
Diocletian Augustus
regnal year 11

The date looks odd, more like L IE rather than L IA. It can't be L IE (year 15) because production of tetradrachms in Alexandria ended in 297. Per Emmett, this reverse was only issued year 11. Could it be and unpublished L IB, with the right side of the B missing? Possibly, but it's probably just a somewhat blundered A.

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