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MOESIA INFERIOR, Marcianopolis.  Elagabalus

AE 17; 2.48 gm

Obv:  AVT K M AVP ANTΩNINOC; laureate head right.
Rev: MAPKIANOΠOΛITΩN; Telesphorus standing facing.

Ref:  Moushmov 652

Funny blurb about Telesphorus from dealer Ancient Coin Art:


"Telesphoros is a mysterious assistant to Asclepios, the healer. He is the size of a small boy and wears a mantle, or hood, which obscures his face. He teaches the art of bringing healing forces from distant, eternal sources; and then establishing these energies inside the body of the patient. Telesphoros bears a strange resemblance to Kenny, a character in the cult animated series South Park. Kenny is always getting killed, and then coming back alive again. This is a phenomenon that the skills of ancient Telesphoros can produce!"

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