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MYSIA, Kisthene.  Pharnabazos, satrap

413-374/3 BC

AE, 9 mm, 0.75 gm

Obv: Bearded head right, wearing bashlyk.
Rev: KIΣ.; forepart of winged boar right.

Ref:  Troxell, Orontes 7 (This cannot be correct; see note.) 


Again I question the attribution.  That is is from Kisthene seems reasonable, given the "KIZ" on the reverse and general iconography.  Calling it "Troxel, Orontes 7"  isn't right.  


Hyla A. Troxell's article, "Orontes, Satrap of Mysia" (SNR 60: 27-39, 1981) shows #7 as an issue of Orontes and on that cited coin the obverse figure wears a tiara.  Plus, Troxell's article is about Orontes, not Pharnabazos.

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