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An Important Numismatic Discovery



The study of coins sometimes provides the only information we have about certain ancient civilizations. When gaps in history are clarified by numismatic study, we rejoice. This may be such an occasion. As scholars of world religions I'm sure all ancient coin enthusiasts will be fascinated by this discovery.


Few concrete facts are known about Dobunni tribe of ancient pre-Roman Great Britain. Popular opinion is that they were pagans, witches (see this book). I submit this counterpoint for your consideration: they were monotheists, worshipping the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


Res ipsa loquitur:

CELTIC BRITAIN, Dobunni tribe. Eisu. Circa CE 20-43; AR unit. 1.1 gm. 13 mm. Stylized head right, pellet triads for hair, pellet in ring for eye / Triple tailed annulet horse (now know to be the Flying Spaghetti Monster). S. 382. ABC 2081.  ex Dr. Cedric S. Raine Collection

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