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Identification, attribution, and comparison


CNG's archives -- usually my first stop when trying to identify a coin










Dane Kurth's spreadsheets for various Roman coins


Tesorillo-- fantastic site for identifying late Roman bronzes


Forum Ancient Coins Fakes Gallery-- This and ForgeryNetwork are two must-looks when considering a coin you have any doubts about







Collectors' websites of note


Colosseo Collection-- View at your own risk.  Your coins may seem unsatisfactory after ogling this astonishing collection!


Doug Smith's Ancient Coins-- If you've spent any time on CoinTalk or FAC's boards,  you know Doug.  He's a great source of coin knowledge, presented with wonderfully dry wit. 


Warren Esty's site-- difficult to navigate but it contains quite a bit of good information


Man-Faced Bulls-- Nicolas Molinari and Nicola Sisci are utterly obsessed!   Their website is comprehensive and continually updated.  The link is to the main page (bronze coins); the landing page has links to their separate sites for gold and silver MFB coins.



Coin Forums


CoinTalk-- My favorite hangout!  What a great group of people and a very nice platform.  A fun place!


Forum Ancient Coins discussion boards-- one of the oldest ancient coin boards, full of in-depth information, frequented by several well-known numismatists.  Downside:  slow-loading; chock full of rules which can be intimidating for new users



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