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Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.


I never thought I was a "collector" sort of person but several years ago I was bitten by the Ancients bug.  The story of my infection is here.


In general, none of the coins shown here are for sale.  However, as my collecting tastes have evolved there are some coins which should find new homes.  Most of those are not currently shown on this site but in the future I may add a "sale/trade" gallery.  It would probably be better to just consign them to a friend since I don't really want to get involved in such sales.






1 September 2016


The website renovation is going well.  I have many more coins to add, although none are "major".


I've also added interactive maps for Greek coins and for Roman Provincials.  In some instances the precise location of origin of a particular coin is not known.  When that is the case, the pop-up will say that the location is approximate.


Suggestions for changes or improvements to this site are always welcome!

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