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ATTICA, Athens

"New Style" issue, 114/3 BCE

Magistrates Diotimos, Magras, and other(s)?

AR tetradrachm, 16.7 gm

Obv:  helmeted head of Athena right

Rev:  owl standing right, head facing, on amphora; magistrates’ names in fields; A on amphora, ΠE below; all within wreath

Ref:  Thompson 660 ff*

part of a large unimaged mixed lot, Stack's Bowers and Ponterio November 2013 Baltimore Auctions, Session A, lot 20100

*  I am far from certain about the exact attribution and references.  For some reason Athens owl tets, old and new, just haven't captured my fancy and so I haven't read much about them.  Searching through references and catalogs to find a match for this coin was confusing at best but I did find one exact match which was deemed "Thompson 660 ff".  The seller could be wrong, of course.



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