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Augustus & Agrippa

Gaul, Nemausus, c. CE 10-14

AE dupondius

Obv:  IMP/DIVI F P-P, back-to-back heads of Agrippa, in combined rostral crown & laurel wreath, and Augustus, laureate

Rev:  COL-NEM, long, vertical palm with crocodile chained below, wreath to left of palm tip with ties trailing to right

Ref:  RIC 160

ex  Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio, The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money - Session F , lot 34098, 20 August 2013

ex  Professor James R. Eaton (1834-1897) Collection; this coin was in his family until I purchased it from Stack's.  Bio of Professor Eaton here.  

An interesting an popular type.  It was a surprise to find this in a lot of 12 coins listed as  "an impressive mix of Ptolemaic Egypt bronze pieces".  The photograph showed 8 of the 12 coins in a pile.  In retrospect, the COL-NEM is partly visible underneath other coins.  The photo also showed a couple of Alexandrian tetradrachms so I knew the lot description wasn't exactly correct...


At some point I'll upgrade this coin.  Choices are plentiful but most have some problems:  wear, strike, centering, flan scratches, etc.  Many have been cut in half, which is interesting in itself.  


Doug Smith has an interesting page detailing challenges in grading ancient coins, using these COL-NEMs as examples.








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