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Available for Trade or Sale


Tastes change... collections evolve...


The bulk of my early ancient coin purchases were in large undescribed (and sometimes unimaged) mixed lots.   It was a thrilling way to learn about ancient coins, but ultimately many of those coins do not fit my current collecting goals.


I have no desire to be a dealer and selling is a hassle.  However, you want any of these coins, please send a message with an offer (don't just ask "how much do you want"; I am not motivated enough to put much effort into pricing).  I'll consider trade or sale. I don't plan on advertising this widely since I have mixed feelings about selling... plus going to the post office is a nuisance.    In general, I am unlikely to sell or trade coins in my collection not shown in the gallery below.  You can always ask though ;-).


10/15/15:  none at the moment; check back in a few weeks or send a message.


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