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Roman Republic, C. Egnatius Cn. f. Cn. n Maxsumus

75 BCE*
AR denarius, 19 mm, 3.82 gm
Obv:  b
ust of Cupid right, with bow and quiver over shoulder; behind, MAXSVMVS downwards
Rev:   distyle temple with figures of draped Jupiter and Libertas standing facing within; C EGNATIVS CN F below, CN N upwards to right, control to left
Ref:  Crawford 391/2; Sydenham 788

ex Andrew McCabe

ex Vecchi Auction 15, 15 June 1999, lot 738


* Michael Harlan, in his book Roman Republican Moneyers and Their Coins, 81 BCE - 64 BCE, makes a case for this coin being struck in 77 BCE.

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