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Translation of legend abbreviations:


Imperator Caesar Publius LIcinius Gallienus Augustus


year 13

EGYPT, Alexandria.  Gallienus

year 13, CE 265/6

tetradrachm, 21 mm, 9.1 gm

Obv:  Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev:   AVTKΠΛIKΓAΛΛIHNOCCEB; eagle standing right, holding wreath in beak, palm over shoulder; L IΓ across field

Ref:  Emmett 3806(13), R1

Ex Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 88.203 (accessioned 1888); Benjamin Pierce Cheney Collection

This coin was acquired by the Boston Museum of Fine arts in 1888.  It was part of Benjamin Pierce Cheney's collection.

Cheney (12 Aug 1815 - 23 July 1895) founded the company that became American Express.   He started as a stagecoach driver, gained trust and money, developed some railways, and lost his right arm in a railway accident.  He became a director at Wells Fargo and brought about a merger of several companies which became American Express.  Initially an express mail service, American Express is now a major credit card company.

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