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Translation of legend abbreviations:


Imperator Caesar Marcus Valerius Maximinianus Augustus


year 2

EGYPT, Alexandria.  Maximian

year 2, CE 286/7

potin tetradrachm, 20 mm, 8.0 gm

Obv:  AKMOVAMAΞIMIANOCCEB; laureate draped bust right

Rev:  Elpis standing left, holding flower, raising hem; L - B

Ref: Emmett 4114(2), R1; Milne 4814

CNG e324, 9 April 2014, lot 707 (large lot of Alexandrian tetradrachms, many of which had been "treated" by a previous owner with what appeared to be women's makeup, mimcking a sandy patina.  Fortunately the makeup was easily removed and hopefully no harm done.

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