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EGYPT, Antinoöpolis.  Antinous 

2nd-3rd centuries CE

PB tessera, 25 mm, 7.63 gm, 11h

Obv:  draped bust of Antinous right, wearing hem-hem crown; crescent before, AN behind

Rev:   Serapis standing right, head left, raising hand and holding scepter; to left, ЄYC/YBA/[...]

Ref:   Milne –; Dattari (Savio) –;Köln –

Per CNG:  
"A previously unseen reverse legend and unpublished tessera.  Though difficult to read, the reverse legend appears to be some variation of the word Εὐσεβής (“pious")."

It is very similar to this coin listed in Wildwinds.  The obverse may be from the same die.  The reverse may be different.

Antinous, lead tessera, Alexandria, 134-137 AD. AN[TINOOC ?], draped bust right, wearing hem-hem crown, upright crescent in right field / Serapis standing left, kalathos on head, right arm raised and holding sceptre in left, altar and a Nilometer to left. Dattari 6535 var; Geissen 3559 var.  Image courtesy of Pierre P. Koemoth.

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