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CILICIA, Tarsus.  Elagabalus

218-222 CE

Æ 23mm, 6.91 g, 12h

Obv:  laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right

Rev:  Ciliarch crown decorated with seven imperial portraits, ЄΛ, and KOIN monogram; A/MK in center of crown

Ref:  Cf. SNG France 1557 (similar type with five heads on crown); cf. SNG Levante 1079 (same); SNG Copenhagen 374 corr. (obv. legend)

From the estate of Thomas Bentley Cederlind. Ex Cederlind 125 (1 July 2002), no. 96

The crown is that of the Ciliarch or Cilicarch, the High Priest of Cilicia who presided over provincial temples dedicated to certain emperors. The different busts that decorate this crown represent the various emperors who were honored with temples throughout the region.


Levante expanded the ЄΛ and KOIN monogram to ЄΛЄVΘЄPON KOINOBOVΛION (“free session of the assembly”).

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