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ELIS, Olympia. 87th Olympiad, 432 BCE.

AR hemidrachm, 16 mm, 2.7 gm

Obv:  eagle, with wings displayed above, flying left, holding hare by its back and tearing at it with his beak

Rev:  thunderbolt, with wings above and volutes below, within circular incuse; to right, A.

Ref:  BCD Olympia -; BCD Peloponnesos -; SNG Copenhagen -; BMC -; Traité -; SNG Delepierre -; Pozzi -; Weber -; McClean -. The obverse type, combined with the form of the thunderbolt, with its broad, splayed wings, and the A on the reverse, is most similar to the stater of BCD 50.

ex Frank James Collection 

ex Classical Numismatic Group Mail Bid Sale 81, 20 May 2009, lot 2216

ex BCD Collection (not in LHS or Leu sales) 

ex Spink 90, 16 March 1992, lot 761 (part of)

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