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CILICIA, Seleucia ad Calycadnum.  Gordian III

238-244 CE
Æ 27 mm, 11 gm
Obv:   ...ΓOPΔIANO radiate and draped bust right; C/M dot within triangle (Howgego 670?)
Rev:   CEΛEVKEΩN; Athena advancing right, holding her shield with her extended left arm & preparing to hurl a spear at an anguipede giant (Porphyrion?) who is throwing stones at her.  
Ref:  c.f. SNG Levante 763

I'm struggling to find a reference for this coin.  All others I've seen have a reverse ethnic of Calycadnum behind Athena (KAΛV/KA).  This one doesn't,  although the reverse does spell Seleucia.


The obverse clearly shows Gordian's name but I can't quite make out the preceding legend.  If you have a reference, please drop me a note.

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