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modern copy by electrotypist Robert Ready

host coin, c. 410-400 BCE, acquired by the British Museum in 1872

AR "tetradrachm", 27 mm, 16.64 gm

Obv:  Bearded head of Zeus-Ammon, wearing tainia with uraeus-like ornament at forehead, facing slightly left within laurel wreath

Rev:  silphium plant; K V P A N A (split between fields, retrograde K)

Edge:  initials R R

Ref:  BMC 77 (host coin); B.V. Head. A guide to the principal coins of the Greeks, from circ. 700 B.C. to A.D. 270. London. 1965 pl. 20, 61 (host coin);  host coin BM accession number 1872,0709.361;  B.V. Head.  A Guide to the Select Greek and Roman Coins Exhibited in Electrotype, London.  1880.  Period III C #44.


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