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SYRIA, Laodicea ad Mare.  Septimius Severus & Julia Domna

CE 193-211
Æ, 31 mm 18.8 gm
Obv: jugate draped busts right of Septimius Severus, radiate and cuirassed and Julia Domna, set on crescent; countermarks: 1) C(AΓ) within rectangular incuse; 2) COL within rectangular incuse
Rev: Marsyas standing left, right hand raised, holding wineskin over his left shoulder
Ref: SNG Righetti 2114; Howgego 581 and 586

Ex E.E. Clain-Stefanelli collection


TIF Romans Map marker 15.

There's something very satisfying about holding a smoothly worn large bronze coin.  

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