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SICILY, Selinos.

Circa 410 BCE

AR litra, 11mm, 0.76 g, 1h

Obv:  nymph seated left on rock, right hand raised above her head, extending her left hand to touch coiled serpent before her; selinon leaf above

Rev:  man-faced bull standing right; ΣEΛINONTIOΣ above; in exergue, fish right

Ref:   Potamikon, p. 116, figure 152 (this coin); HGC 2, 1229; SNG ANS 711–2 var. (ethnic); SNG Ashmolean 1904–5; SNG Lloyd 1270 var. (same); Basel –; Dewing –; Rizzo pl. XXXIII, 6. Good VF, dark iridescent tone, some porosity. Rare.


ex MoneyMuseum, Zurich;

ex Leu 79 (31 October 2000), lot 404;

ex Athos Moretti collection, #482, unpublished manuscript.*  


* Information provided by Nicola Sisci:


482 is the catalog number from an unpublished manuscript of the Athos Moretti collection, compiled by Moretti himself with photos and notes. The manuscript was collected by Alberto Russo after Moretti's death, and consigned to Silvia Hurter to work for a publication. Unfortunately Hurter died before concluding the work, so the catalog is unfinished and has never been published, but there are copies in possession of scholars.

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