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THESSALY, Thessalian League

48/7 BCE 

Magistrates Nikolaos, Ni..., and Gorgias

AR stater, 23 mm, 6.3 gm

Obv:  head of Zeus right, wearing oak wreath

Rev:  ΘΕΣΣΑ / ΛΩΝ Athena Itonia striding right, hurling spear with her right hand and extending shield in her left; above spear, ΝΙΚΟ -ΛΑΟΣ; below shield, ΝΙ; to left and right, Γ-ΟΡ/ΓΙ-Α/Σ

Ref:  CNG 78, 14 May 2008, 485 (same dies). Grose 4928 var.

ex Höher collection 


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