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EGYPT, Alexandria.  Vespasian

year 4, CE 71/2

obol?, 25.4 mm, 5.45 gm

Obv:  AVTOKKAIΣΣEBAOVEΣΠAΣIANOV; laureate head right

Rev:   bust of Isis left; LΔ in right field

Ref:   c.f. Emmett 217.4 (diobol)


Translation of legend abbreviations:


Imperator Caesar Augustus Vespasianus (genitive case)

year 4

I'm not sure what to call this coin's denomination.  Obols are in the ~5 gm range; diobols ~8 gm.  This coin is obol-weight but the Isis reverse is only known in Vespasian's hemidrachms, diobols, and dichalkons.

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