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early 2nd century BCE

AE 15-shekels, 45 mm, 95 gm

Obv:  wreathed head of Tanit left

Rev:  horse standing right, left foreleg up; solar disk with uraei above

Ref:  Alexandropoulos J (2000) Les monnaies de l'Afrique Antique, 103; Müller L (1861) Numismatique de L'Ancienne Afrique, 131; Luynes 3782; Jenkins GK and Lewis RB (1963) Carthaginian Gold and Electrum Coins. Royal Numismatic Society, London, pl. 28 12.


Graded Fine by NGC Ancients (strike 5/5, surfaces 2/5); not encapsulated (reason: size); certification number 3598288-002.  Official cert indicates size 44 mm, weight 94.32 gm; remeasured by TIF.


Fondly nicknamed The Peanut Butter Cup :D

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